Public Domain

A South African Clothing Brand

Public Domain emerges as a platform for young artists driven by the common inspirations and influences of their generation. Their creative endeavours stem from personal interpretations of existing ideas, reflecting a commitment to self-expression across multiple mediums, including fashion, music, video, and print.

Embracing the concept of "Public Domain," they celebrate the notion of accessibility and openness, viewing it as a space where creativity can flourish without constraints. Their journey began with a sense of exclusion from the mainstream industry, prompting them to forge their own path.

Public Domain embodies their vision—a platform where they can assert their ideas, challenge conventions, and engage with the world at large. It serves as a testing ground where their creative concepts are met with scrutiny and validation, fostering a dynamic dialogue between creators and audience alike.

Driven by passion and determination, Public Domain represents more than just a brand—it's a movement, a declaration of independence in the realm of creative expression.

2021 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: OOVOOKOO
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