Ramotoana Mokgomme was born and raised in the Limpopo Province in a village called Indermark. He was first introduced to art at the early age of 5 years old. His interest in art grew when he started his primary school level at Kgobokanang primary school in 1996. Ramotoana’s art career was nurtured under his former art teacher and mentor Simon Moshapo.

In 2009 he relocated to Johannesburg where he is currently situated practicing as a full- time visual artist. In 2012 he enrolled at The Johannesburg Art Gallery where he was able to attend print making lessons.

In 2016 he enrolled with Artist Proof Studio as a time part-time student. In 2017 he decided to enrol as a full-time student in the 3-year printmaking program. Ramotoana was able to study and work between Artist Proof Studio and Chepape Makgato studio at Constitutional Hill as a studio assistant.

In 2019 he graduated with excellence in visual art and print making in Artist Proof Studio. He was one of many top students that excelled through his concept development. He had a record of sold out editions with several plates that created a joint body of work for his 3rd year exhibition.

Ramotoana is a current co-founder and director of So & Mo Basement Art Studio based in Parkhurst Recreation Centre. He works with his studio partner (Mario Soares) specialising in printmaking, painting and collage.

He is the director and founder of Mokgomme In The Arts Studio (Pty) Ltd. Ramotoana currently works in August House Art Studios in new Doornfontein Johannesburg, where he specialises in printmaking and collage.

1989 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: OOVOOKOO
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