Restone Maambo, born in Zambia, intertwines his ancestry and personal experiences in his artistic practice, guided by the call from the ancestors known as 'Kusololwa Amumuni'. Raised by his mother, Maambo's deep respect and appreciation for femininity and womanhood emanate from their positive relationship, becoming prominent themes in his work. In his paintings, he often portrays women in what appears to be a spiritual and meditative state, inviting the viewer to share in a deeply intimate and personal moment.

Maambo's artworks come to life through the use of acrylic impasto paint, layered varnish, collage, and mixed media, frequently applied on large canvases. Collage plays a vital role in the artist's creative process, representing his infinite awareness of his environments and immediate surroundings, spanning both Zambia and South Africa.

With lucidity, Maambo employs acrylic paint and layered varnish, elevating his subjects and amplifying their significance. His artworks are often rendered on a life-sized scale, purposefully establishing a profound connection between the viewer and the chosen subjects. Traditional painting methodologies merge seamlessly with new experimental materials, such as plaster and cement, which Maambo incorporates into his practice. These interactive elements result in playful and experimental mark-making on the surface of his works, adding a dynamic and engaging dimension to his artistic expression.

Through his artistic exploration, Restone Maambo delves into the depths of his ancestral roots while celebrating the power and grace of femininity. His evocative and vibrant paintings invite viewers to partake in a visual journey that transcends boundaries of time and culture. By intertwining traditional and contemporary techniques, Maambo expands the possibilities of artistic expression, offering a fresh perspective on the intersection of heritage, spirituality, and personal growth.

1980 -
Nationality: Zambian
Residence: OOVOOKOO
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