The journey of Sizani Baloyi began on the 26th of September 1994 in the vibrant town of Giyani, situated in the heart of Limpopo. In 2002, the artist's path led him to the bustling city of Johannesburg, where he encountered his first taste of artistic success. His undeniable talent shone through as he emerged victorious in an art competition, securing computers for Klip Valley Primary School.

Fueling his passion for the visual arts, Sizani continued his artistic pursuits. Graduating with high accolades in Visual Arts in 2014, he embarked on a transformative journey by enrolling in a three-year Visual Arts and Printmaking course at Artist Proof Studio in Newtown, Johannesburg. It was during this time that his artistic abilities flourished, earning him recognition as he won the esteemed Council of Chambers Competition. Furthermore, Sizani was handpicked as one of the select artists to collaborate with the renowned Strauss & Co in reimagining the works of Old Master Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef.

In 2017, Sizani proudly donned his cap and gown, graduating from Artist Proof Studio. His dedication and artistic vision garnered further opportunities, including a coveted six-month internship alongside the acclaimed William Kentridge. The experience with Kentridge, a master of his craft, provided invaluable insights and inspiration, deepening Sizani's artistic prowess.

In 2021, Sizani's talent caught the attention of the esteemed Turbine Art Fair, where he was chosen to participate in their mentorship program. This recognition further solidified his position as a full-time practicing artist, wholly committed to honing his craft and sharing his artistic vision with the world.

Employing the harmonious union of paint and charcoal, Sizani creates refined paintings and sophisticated prints that transcend the boundaries of mere imagery. His art encapsulates the inherent joy that people share, transcending circumstances and celebrating the resilience of the human spirit. Simultaneously, his work dares to question whether rural housing conditions have improved since the transformative year of 1994, inviting viewers to reflect on the complexities and nuances of societal progress.

Sizani Baloyi's artistry is a testament to his unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and keen observation of the human experience. Through his meticulous craftsmanship and thought-provoking subject matter, he aims to challenge perceptions, ignite conversations, and foster a greater understanding of the world we inhabit. With each stroke of his brush and every mark of charcoal, Sizani continues to shape narratives that captivate the imagination and evoke emotions, leaving an indelible impression on the artistic landscape.

1994 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: OOVOOKOO
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